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The original versions of these maps are part of a 2010 Site Assessment Report prepared by AECOM, an environmental contractor hired by Celanese to assess and remediate groundwater contamination at the former Hoechst Celanese Spartanburg facility. The maps illustrate areas of contamination and the chemicals that make up the contaminants. The maps have been modified by WSPA to more clearly define the plumes of contamination, their concentration levels, and the locations of monitoring wells. The modification consisted of adding color and a color key and labeling Interstate 85.

Definition of terms on the maps:

Saprolite is the uppermost layer of decomposed rock and soil. On this property, it ranges in thickness from 5 ft to 120 ft. Most groundwater occurs within saprolite. Saprolite is generally thicker in valleys and thinner along hills and ridges.

Bedrock is the original, unweathered parent rock below the saprolite. Groundwater can also occur in fractured and weathered areas of bedrock.

Potentiometric maps are contour maps that represents the top of the ground water surface in an aquifer.

MW = Monitoring Well saprolite

RW = Monitoring Well rock (bedrock)

EW = Extraction Well

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